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Krasnokamsky RMZ has presented its experience in introduction of welding robots to the Ural industrialists (manufacturing companies)
18 November 2013
At the Conference on Creating New High-Tech Jobs in the Engineering Industry and in the Military-Industrial Complex of the Sverdlovsk Region on the Basis of Present-Day Technology Concepts representatives of industrial companies became familiar with the features and perspectives of process automatic control, as well as with the benefits of SIAD robotic welding units introduced in production. 
"Today Russia is drastically behind Europe, USA and Japan in the rates of manufacturing application of industrial robots. Meanwhile the use of robotic units is a necessary condition for the output growth rates because they raise the output by almost three times, – Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsky RMZ, tells.- Approximately 95% of all projects related to the desire to apply robotic technologies in manufacture deals with up-dating of welding processes." The Conference was organized by the Ural Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Yekaterinburg) with the support of the Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Science and Industry, and Ministry of Economy of the Sverdlovsk region. 
In December 2013 the Ural Chamber of Commerce & Industry also organized business mission of the Ural manufacturing companies to the Permsky Krai. Within its framework representatives of engineering and metalworking enterprises visited Krasnokamsk Repair & Engineering Works so that to familiarize themselves with the experience in organization of high-tech production. This decision was based on the outcome of the Conference. 
Recall that in December 2011 Krasnokamsky RMZ became the official dealer of SIAD. Italargon - subdivision of SIAD – designs robotic lines and automatic units ordered by the Russian companies, while Krasnokamsky RMZ provides assistance in their installation and maintenance.