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Krasnokamsky RMZ pioneered in developing equipment for production of glass-reinforced plastic bars.
27 December 2013
Krasnokamsky RMZhas for the first time manufactured the lines for production of glass-reinforced plastic bars of its own design. Non-standard equipment will provide customers with complete production cycle of innovative building material. 
"By using a complex of metal-working techniques we have been able to reduce the manufacturing cost of this composite fabricated metals [metal structures] by about 30%, - Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsky RMZsays. – Today the polymeric construction material that will be made on these lines is highly demanded because of its strength, nonmagnetic properties and resistance to aggressive media. Therefore, I am sure that in the coming years the interest in production of glass-reinforced plastic bars in the Russian regions will grow. " 
In the manufacture of automated lines laser cutting, high-precision bending of metal, robotic welding and powder coating are used. 
Pultrusion production line (based on the method of manufacturing low cost fiber reinforced composites) consists of 11 assemblies and units: fiberglass storage rack, resin heating unit, binder saturation unit, fiber twisting unit, furnace section, cooling vat, fiber drawing and automatic cutting units, etc. The line is also fitted with a remote control to set a temperature of heating elements, and to display the sensor data. 
The production line was designed by engineers of Krasnokamsky RMZ together with specialists PRIME Engineering and Technical Center (Krasnokamsk, Permsky Krai). 
First 4 production lines were manufactured by Krasnokamsky RMZ for one of the Tyumen enterprises in November 2013. 
Glass-reinforced plastic bars are used to reinforce concrete structures of various construction designations. It is internationally recognized as equivalent substitute for steel strengthening constructions, but it compares favorably with them in low density at high strength, as well as in non-corrodibility, safety during storage and transportation, etc.